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Dr. Rich Morfopoulos needs a kidney

The gentleman on this video is Dr. Richard Morfopoulos, a good friend of SILO's.

He is a person who truly believes and embraces the independent living philosophy.

Rich is the type of person that won't let his disabilities keep him down or define him.

There are days he comes to work after having gone through dialysis or some other medical procedure and yet he still gives it his all, in order to accomplish the day's tasks.

Rich is in need of a kidney. If you or a friend or a family member is interested finding out if you are a match to donate a kidney to Rich. Please call the number provided at the end of this video.

Your gift is more than a kidney, it's the gift of life for someone who gives his all, every day to improve the lives of those with disabilities.


Joseph M. Delgado
Chief Executive Officer
Suffolk Independent Living Organization