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Travel and Transportation

Many people with disabilities cannot drive or do not own a car. Without adequate transportation, people with disabilities become shut-ins, unable to attend school, work,
volunteering, or social functions.

Improving Transportation for People with Disabilities
Many consumers call SILO because they have difficulty with Suffolk County’s bus
services, and they are unable to reach anyone in authority to make changes. SILO
helps consumers to obtain needed services, such as bus stop announcements for the
visually impaired, removal of erroneous no-show records for para transit service, and
door to door service for para transit consumers requiring additional assistance.

For example, Marilyn Tucci, an independent living skills specialist at SILO, was
instrumental in advocating for an audible pedestrian signal at an intersection where one of SILO’s consumers was hit by a car. When the light changes, audible pedestrian signals provide auditory feedback. Later, SILO staff met with engineers to have the
volume made louder and the light made longer. These changes give pedestrians more
time to cross the street, improving the intersections accessibility to blind, visually impaired, mobility impaired, and many other pedestrians.

Complaint Form
If you wish to file a complaint about a transit issue or need someone advocating on your behalf to resolve a problem, please fill our form and we will call you to assess as to whether we can assist you. Fill this out this Transit Complaint Form and a transportation advocate will contact you.

Transportation Committee
SILO’s transportation committee advocates for better access to public transportation for people with disabilities. Contact SILO for more information or to get involved.
Go to our Transportation Committee Page for more information.



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