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Barrier Removal and Accessibility Consultation

Provides technical assistance and resources to businesses and agencies to help them improve their accessibility for people with disabilities and their compliance with civil rights laws such as the Americans With Disabilities Act. Consultation helps community organizations and businesses to remove barriers that hinder the full inclusion of people with disabilities in their products and services.

Barrier Busters Committee
SILO’s Barrier Busters Committee is a volunteer advocacy group focused on removing barriers which prevent people with disabilities from accessing the Long Island community. Go to our Barrier Busters Committee Page for more information.

Complaint Form
If you wish to file a complaint about a Barrier issue or need someone advocating on your behalf to resolve a problem, please fill our form and we will call you to assess as to whether we can assist you. Fill this out this Barrier Complaint Form and a Barrier Buster advocate will contact you.


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Barrier Busters

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