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Advocacy for People with Disabilities

When people come to SILO, they become active in the community as part of the solution.
SILO provides support for individuals with disabilities as they improve their ability to speak up for themselves and obtain the respect, access, and services they deserve in their daily lives and communities.

Services include:
1. Voter registration
2. Action groups for community change
3. Disability-related political action alerts
4. Technical assistance for compliance with civil rights laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act
5. Advocating for individuals to obtain and maintain employment, housing, and benefits, when needed

Suffolk County Advocacy in Action
When people seek advocacy help at SILO, these are the results.

Improving Travel Safety for People with Disabilities
When one of SILO’s consumers was hit by a car, advocate Marilyn Tucci requested an
Audible Pedestrian Signal, and it was installed within 6 weeks. When the light
changes, it now provides both audible and visual feedback. Go to our
Transportation Page for more information.

Improving Housing Access for People with Disabilities
When people with disabilities are forced to move, it can be a crisis. For example,
few homes and apartment complexes in Suffolk County are accessible to people in
wheelchairs. SILO can help. For example, SILO’s housing specialist Becky Olivas
advocated for an extension to a consumers Section 8 housing voucher. This
extension was essential because the consumer had not yet found affordable, accessible
housing. Go to our Housing Page for more information.

Benefits Advocacy
The government benefits system can be daunting, especially for people with
disabilities who often have complex concerns. Independent living skills specialist Tina
Behnstedt regularly advocates for consumers, enabling them to obtain or maintain
benefits, if needed. Often, many of SILO’s consumers are able to work, so Tina
advocates for work incentives. Go to our Benefits Page for more information.


Marilyn Tucci with Pops

Dr. Rich Morfopoulos needs a kidney