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Continued On June 8, 2015 the SILO transportation Committee appeared and spoke before the Suffolk County Legislature. Over 20 Persons with Disabilities that utilize the SCAT/Paratransit System spoke before the Legislature requesting extended hours and Sunday Service for the Disabled Riders of Suffolk County and asked for the initiation of a Pilot Program to help deliver these services.

The SILO Transportation Committee is also requesting that Chairman Krupski create a Sub-Committee comprised of 5 Legislative Personnel and 5 Persons with Disabilities therefore allowing disabled persons living in Suffolk County the opportunity to have input into decisions that impact their travel plans on a daily basis. Silo will be voicing concerns as to why New York City and Nassau County offer 7 day Transportation Services and extended hours for the Disabled while Suffolk County has not yet crossed that bridge. In terms of the SILO suggested Pilot Program we would be requesting from Suffolk County a Cost Analysis to initiate the Pilot Program. If said Program was adopted by the Suffolk County Legislature we would be requesting sufficient lead time to notify the many agencies that advocate for the Disabled; therefore ensuring that all of the eligible Disabled Riders of Suffolk County would have an opportunity to utilize these expanded services.

During the meeting it was brought to our attention that there are currently 21,000 Disabled Persons eligible to ride SCAT Buses with approximately 15,000 Disabled Persons currently utilizing the SCAT/Paratransit System. At the conclusion of the meeting Chairman Krupski told us that he would be in touch with us to help establish the Sub-Committee comprised of Disabled Persons and Legislative Personnel.

SILO is the New York State Designated Center for Independent Living Services. It is a non-for-profit Human Services Agency dedicated to working with people with disabilities, elderly individuals and their families. SILO provides over 27 programs and services throughout the Long Island Region. The ultimate goal is to provide the necessary support for people with disabilities and the elderly to live independently in within their communities. If interested in more information regarding SILO Programs and Services please call Silo Executive Director Joe Delgado at (631) 880-7929. back

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