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Barrier Busters Committee

How Barrier Busters will achieve our mission:
Barrier Busters is a volunteer advocacy group focused on removing barriers which prevent people with disabilities from accessing the Long Island community.

BARRIER BUSTERS will recruit volunteers to go into the community and identify inaccessible and noncompliant locations
BARRIER BUSTERS will use a complaint form which will make the reporting and delivery process of inaccessible and noncompliant locations uniform and streamline.
Through Suffolk Independent Living Organizations (SILO) website the BARRIER BUSTERS web page will have these complaint forms available for anyone to use and report complaints.
BARRIER BUSTERS will meet monthly to review complaints and decide the best course of action to resolve the complaints.
BARRIER BUSTERS will provide links to internet sources that provide information and legal guidance that will assist persons who want to prepare and deliver their own complaints. BARRIER BUSTERS and SILO will provide training to the public in self-advocacy

If you wish to file a complaint about a Barrier issue or need someone advocating on your behalf to resolve a problem, please fill our form and we will call you to assess as to whether we can assist you. Fill this out this Barrier Complaint Form and a Barrier Buster advocate will contact you.


There is a lot to do!


Barrier Busters

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